duminică, 2 aprilie 2017

Contact Instagram

If you want to contact Instagram technical support and tell them how horrible they are, you can do it at info@support.instagram.com.

They will create a dedicated mailbox for your query, like info+u2z0epp2.aeazrurghq@support.instagram.com, 
but the if you send your email to info@support.instagram.com it will get to the common inbox of 
tech support people.

It's unbelievable, not even Microsoft is this bad! But if you are persistent enough, like I was, they will 
remove the SMS verification requirement, and they will verify Instagram without a phone number
because the only thing they want to have is your phone number provided by you, but they cannot push 
that too far.


Instagram:     info@support.instagram.com
Microsoft:     support@e-mail.microsoft.com
LinkedIn:      linkedin_support@cs.linkedin.com and customer_service@linkedin.com

LinkedIn will send you all kinds of replies, like the email not being used or not being watched anymore,
but you should only give up when an "undeliverable" message returns to you.

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