luni, 15 mai 2017

It was Microsoft all along!

Later edit: Chinese security legislation requires foreign technology companies to share with the government the underlying software code for their products, in order to make sure that there are no flaws hackers can exploit. Hence Microsoft built a Chinese version of Windows, which is different from the one we use, without any of the current flaws backdoors.

Just to make things clear:

In order to sell IT stuff in the USA, you need to comply with FCC requirements. Which doesn't hide anymore that it requires backdoors:

To put it like the USA Today did, Privacy experts are calling the global ransomware attack that hit 150 countries a prime example of why requiring tech companies to create backdoors into computer programs is a bad idea. Only that I am not worried about the ocassional hacks, I am very troubled about widely opening the doors to abuse by people who are entitled to access this information. We all know how much fun the NSA contractors have when checking out people's private files, cameras and stuff - and I know that bored people in the Romanian units that handle this kind of stuff just check on the private lifes of their friends, relatives, acquaintances or even total strangers just for fun. There is no control.

Did you really think that Apple was so bravely protecting the privacy of its users, that the FBI had to buy a tool from an israeli company?! Bummer! It was Apple who gave away the tool, through a third party, and put on a hero show meanwhile.

The backdoor exploited those days is 16 years old (Windows XP) if not 18 years old (Windows 2000) and was carried over generations. Let's check out the facts:

- only very dumb institutions/companies don't have a comprehensive security architecture, that wouldn't allow this kind of things to happen;
- home users with old Windows would be prime targets;
- hackers would get on average 0.03 BTC/computer as ransom (average on numbers from Romania)

Now, Microsoft has a huge problem; only 26% of people are running Windows 10, their "game changing" new OS, because it is so aggressive in spying on users and so buggy, that nothing like it was seen before. Meanwhile 16%  of people still use Windows XP-8-8.1-older which Microsoft wants dead, burried, and added to Windows 10 market share. AND 49% of the people use Windows 7, which had the support cut short for the same reasons.
How did it happen that the NSA "lost" one of those tools when its trusted partner Microsoft failed to hit a critical milestone and needed so badly a push for Windows 10, that it was counting all bands and devices and PCs that were still in stores as market share?

Unanswered questions are not evidence. But this one is as obvious as hell: because Microsoft was in need, the NSA "lost" a deprecated tool and two months later some genuine hackers used it to attack OS versions that Microsoft wants to disappear. Now the hackers got some money, Windows 10 market share got a huge boost (let's see the numbers next month), Microsoft has legitimacy when it strictly controls the users, the NSA returned a favor to old friends.

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