joi, 30 noiembrie 2017

Hey Elon,

Later Edit: Good trick with the Falcon X launching! And the story is just as good as the Tesla Quantum Drive!
Almost no retail investor realized that NASA didn't want to send stuff with your rocket, way too risky, so you had to load your junk.

I've got an idea for next time when TSLA needs to announce financial results. 3 days prior to that go public and say you are working on a thing to power Teslas remotely. It is simple but brilliant, just like everything else you did: you build a new gigafactory which produces green energy. Then you build some devices that you install in the cars. Those devices use something absolutely mind blowing, that is electrons moving through coils to generate electricity. Then you do a bit of quantum entanglement between the electrons in the device and the ones in the new gigafactory, which keep on moving by being powered by the sun. You can even show one of those Matrix animations to let the people know how the revolutionary thing of generating energy by spinning electrons works, and how you cracked it and made it work with your new coil design and space (X) age materials. Entanglement is already a fact and you don't need to bother with this detail. I even got a name for it, the new Tesla Quantum Drive!
There you go, you just solved the world's energy problem and TSLA stock surged to 1 zillion dollars per share.
You're welcome.

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