luni, 1 iulie 2019

Free custom domain email with AWS and Gmail in 2 minutes

So I took the ordinary path for my first experience with my own domain name email: registered my domains with Godaddy (best offer) and started a free EC2 instance on AWS for a whole year! Then I ran the email server on the EC2 (damn painful) and was worryless till few days ago, when the free tier approached expiration date. Messed up with SES email receive and some Lambda functions on AWS to handle my incoming mail (outgoing still free) but I realized there's is a way that no one talks about on the internet: handle the outgoing mail with AWS and the incoming with GoDaddy! It already has a free email forwarding solution for the domain names, I'm sure most (if not all) registrars offer that. So two easy operations to do:

1. Go to AWS and change the MX to Godaddy:10

2. Go to Godaddy and set up forwarding:

That's it! Free, simple, very quick, elegant (original sender names and no fwd stuff)

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