luni, 1 iulie 2019

Free custom domain email with AWS and Gmail in 2 minutes

So I took the ordinary path for my first experience with my own domain name email: registered my domains with Godaddy (best offer) and started a free EC2 instance on AWS for a whole year! Then I ran the email server on the EC2 (damn painful) and was worryless till few days ago, when the free tier approached expiration date. Messed up with SES email receive and some Lambda functions on AWS to handle my incoming mail (outgoing still free) but I realized there's is a way that no one talks about on the internet: handle the outgoing mail with AWS and the incoming with GoDaddy! It already has a free email forwarding solution for the domain names, I'm sure most (if not all) registrars offer that. So two easy operations to do:

1. Go to AWS and change the MX to Godaddy:10

2. Go to Godaddy and set up forwarding:

That's it! Free, simple, very quick, elegant (original sender names and no fwd stuff)

miercuri, 18 octombrie 2017

How to Enable VoLTE and WiFi calls on Lumia

               Before I share step-by-step the way I enabled WiFi and LTE calls on my Lumia 950 XL, I think it is very important to say that no one but us, the disgrunted users, have the power to discipline companies. In this case, Microsoft.
Windows phones started with the promise of an open OS that the users literally own, and great hardware. After spending a lot, I feel I ended up being abused and sacrificed - Voice over LTE and Voice over WiFi are just a small part of it. It's not part of an open OS, but it is the hidden part of the OS, another monetization trick. It's not depending on the operator to enable functions the phones were marketed with, and after being sacrificed, I am literally the last person left to enable it on my phone. I was even reading somewhere that MS in India refused to do it.
                Something tells me (Windows 10 Snapdragon laptops, to be precise) that MS won't let the mobile die - it will only let current users die off. So 5 years from now, when you'll be thinking about that new, shiny Windows phone, don't forget what MS is doing to you right now; skip it for the time. And maybe this year switch to Linux, Chrome OS, Mac or at least revert to Windows 7 - just to show MS you're not taking all their shit without a fight.

                Now down to business. First thing first, VoLTE and VoWiFi need to be available (the operator offers the service and it is enabled for your number, if necessary). Then:

1. Download Interop Tools L from here; there are a number of download sources and Interop Tools versions on the internet, if it doesn't work just find the right one (2 versions worked for me);

2. Read the "Readme" file and install it; swipe left on your home screen and check out the apps list, when it is installed it will appear first as a new app;

3. Open it and and select "This Device" as provider:

4. Select the registry browser from the top left menu:

5. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cellular\MVSettings\IMSISpecific:

6. Over there, you will see a folder with a random numeric name, that's where the WiFi calling is hidden; if there are more of those folders, figure out which one is active then open it, open CellUX, then look for the keys named ShowWiFiCalling, ShowWiFiCallingPreferences and DefaultWiFiCallingPreference. Open them up and change the value inside from 0 to 1. If the keys are not there, create them manually:

7. Go back to IMSISpecific and open the "Default" folder, that is where VoLTE is. In "Default", open CellUX, look for ShowVoLTEToggle and change the value to 1:

8. Done here; exit everything and go to phone settings, network and wireless, cellular and SIM, SIM card settings and turn on LTE and WiFi calls:                                                               

joi, 10 august 2017

VW Polo Cigarette Lighter fuse number

...34 needed to be replaced after blowing it out with ty when trying to clear out the seeds shells my buddy left in there.
Owner's manual seems to have disappeared, on the interned I could only find that I should replace fuse #49 (15 amps), but for Polo 9N3 (aka "Europe") is #34 (20 amps):

joi, 4 august 2011

Eroare fatala de parsare: 'unknown protocol: c'

Procedura aleasă de contractorii MF pentru verificarea şi semnarea digitală a Declaraţiei 112 e sigur de vină pentru primul meu fir de păr alb, pe care l-am remarcat zilele trecute.
Nu ştiu cine este geniul din spatele maţelor ăstora, cred că o soluţie mai complicată şi mai proastă tehnic era imposibil de găsit. Am văzut că primele versiuni erau cu linie de comandă (partea Matrix a computerelor)!!!
Pentru început, eu am un sistem pe 64 biţi. Nimeni nu spune, în niciun readme sau ceva, că trebuie să instalezi Java pe 32 de biţi. Abia întâmplător descoperi pe net un singur paragraf unde spune asta; dar nici la instrucţiuni nu zice, nici erori care să-ţi dea un indiciu, absolut nimic!!!
Apoi, mai e versiunea de Java. Evident trebuie să ai ultima versiune de Java. Numai că ultima versiune de Java 6 !!! GOD!!! cu Java 7 pur şi simplu nu porneşte!!!
Apoi mai e celebra eroare de parsare din titlu. Evident, dezvoltatorii spun că e un bug din JRE, ei n-au nicio vină, şi să iei ultima versiune de Java (again, uită să precizeze că de Java 6). Sigur că am instalat şi dezinstalat la versiuni de Java de mi-au ieşit ochii şi nimic. Până am avut o sclipire de geniu şi am modificat numele folderului din "Declaraţii" în "Declaratii". Fără diacritice a mers ca prin farmec. Bug de la Java, ă? B-( !!!

miercuri, 13 iulie 2011

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110 on LAN

I am writing this as a way to help others because I always find help on the internet. But all forums required registration...
It was a major pain to set the damn thing up, including googling the internet for 2 days.
Then it hit me. It's easy:
1. Connect your PC to the router via cable and find out what IP is alocated to the specific port you want to use. Write it down.
2. Connect your Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110 to the PC; run BlackArmor Discovery, log onto it, change the IP from allocated to static and fill in the one you wrote down.
3. Connect the NAS to the router in that specific port.
4. Forget about the wrong network lights on it. It works. No clue why.